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Make Animation with Scratch

Create Digital Art with Python

Age 9 +

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Coding and STEAM Curriculum for all experience levels.

How Coding Helps kids Grow?

Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future.
Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.`

Unleash Creativity

Cultivate Problem-
solving Mind

Into the society

Improve Academic

Improve Logic

Develop Focus and

Why Codejoy?

Progress Tracking

Easily view learning
progress and concept

Maker Community

Kids worldwide share
ideas and help each other.

Family Learning

Want to learn coding
together with your kids?


Learning to code can
improve many other subjects.

AI & loT for Kids

Learn the cutting-edge Artificial
Intelligence & Internet of Things
(loT) knowledge.

Self-adaptive Curriculum

Every kid is unique.
Codejoy’s adaptive learning

Invest in Your Child’s Future

Coding and STEAM Curriculum for all experience levels.

Now coding skills are in
high demand.

Coding is a lifelong skill. You can start
right now.

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Coding and STEAM Curriculum for all experience levels.

5-Star reviews

Take it from pros who know tech, parents who know their kids, and students who have experienced the iD Tech difference.

Awesome! It's an excellent experience for my daughter. Teachers are super mindful, friendly and professional. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the program and made some new friends. she can't wait to join the next level! Lol.

Wendy‘s Dad

The classes were supportive and challenging for my daughter and son. They enjoyed a fantastic time and learnt a lot. They're really proud of the things they made. We love the creativity of the programs. And the staff were very organised and friendly.

Ian & Sarah's Mom

My son has joined three terms. He loved it very much. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Codejoy to any kids who are into coding & computers and creating new stuff.

Rajeev's Dad

Getting Ready for the Future

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