Terms and Conditions

1. Terms & conditions of attendance at Codejoy

  • I approve of my child’s involvement in Codejoy courses and have read all the conditions in this document.

  • I permit my children to participate in activities organized for the days my child will be attending the classes at Codejoy.

  • If the session takes place within a school, Codejoy is responsible for my child until teachers take over supervisory duties or until supervision is handed over to the adult nominated as responsible for the supervision of the child (after school hours activities).

  • I authorize staff, in the event of accident or illness, to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for my child and agree to meet any expenses attached to such treatment.

  • I acknowledge that my child will not attend the activities if suffering from infectious or communicable diseases as identified by the Department of Health.

  • Except as otherwise expressly required by law, Codejoy does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation at the Service due to any cause whatsoever unless caused by the proven negligenc­­e of Codejoy, its directors or employees.

  •  (You may Opt-Out of this clause by providing us by email if you do not wish your child to be photographed). I provide permission for Codejoy to capture photographic or video images of my child during an event. 

    • I agree that all rights to these images, sounds or text are the sole property of Codejoy.

    • I give permission for any images captured (with first-name identification) to be used in school and parent reporting, published on the company website, in news media (newspaper, TV, etc.) or published in print publications.

  • I authorize staff to apply sunscreen to my child if activities are taking place outdoors

  • I understand that if my child continuously demonstrates inappropriate behavior after guidance procedures have been followed, I will be notified, and my child may be removed or suspended for a period to be determined or excluded permanently from the Service. 

  • We may refuse any individual admission to enroll in a course, that we consider being a safety or security risk to other course participants or the premises where the course is being held. Additionally, we may request any person in breach of the course regulations to leave the premises where the course is held. Fees paid for course participants not admitted due to these circumstances will be forfeited and you will not be entitled to a refund for any portion thereof.

  • All fees must be paid in advance.

  • No refunds will be provided 1 week after a program has commenced. Program duration is generally defined as a School Term.

  • I understand that there are minimum numbers required for a program to proceed. Codejoy reserves the right to cancel a program if there are fewer than 3 enrolments.

  • I agree to pay for all the days my child is successfully enrolled, regardless of whether my child attends. 

  • A child’s attendance at 2 or more classes during a term constitutes an enrolment and full-term fees become due

  • Codejoy reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.


2. Terms and conditions of your Child’s Obligation and Restrictions. 

  • ‍You must ensure that your own behavior and that of your child or minor is not offensive to other Codejoy students.

  • You and your child or minor must use Codejoy equipment solely as agreed with Codejoy management and for no other purpose.

  • You and your child may enter the Codejoy premises and rooms only during classes or events during the designated operating hours or if agreed with the Codejoy management.

  • You must ensure that your child or minor will conduct themselves whilst on Codejoy premises in a responsible, proper and orderly manner and will not permit or suffer to be done in or about the premises any act, matter or thing which may injure or tend to injure the Codejoy, the premises or any other student.

  • Personal Injury – Codejoy accepts no responsibility for any injury incurred during the event day by your child or minor nor any subsequent cost related to that injury.

  • Codejoy takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to your child or minor’s personal property, including money or any other valuable items.

  • Your child or minor must not undertake any illegal activity at Codejoy.

  • You or your child or minor must not permit any of the equipment supplied by Codejoy to be removed from the facility or damaged/destroyed. The equipment can be taken home only with the consent from Codejoy Management. 

  • You or your child or minor must not record images of other persons at Codejoy unaffiliated to you unless it is with their prior consent and in the case of minors the prior consent must be from their legal guardians.

  • You and your child or minor must leave the facility and/or the equipment in a tidy, safe and proper condition to the reasonable satisfaction of Codejoy.

  • At Codejoy’s reasonable demand, you must pay for any damage to the facility and/or equipment or other items supplied by Codejoy, which at any time may be found to be missing, damaged or damaged beyond repair or destroyed as a result of you or your child or minor action or inaction.


3. Money-Back Guarantee & Payments

  • We know choosing the right course that your child will love can be difficult. It’s for this exact reason that we have introduced our money-back guarantee. If your child comes to day one at Codejoy and doesn’t enjoy it, we will refund for the remaining days*. 

  • Codejoy reserves the right to change the course price at any time. In the event of such a price change, it will not affect the confirmed enrollments but will be in effect from the future enrollments.

  • Online transactions will be safe through the Codejoy website through an industry-leading secure payment gateway.

  • Once the payment is done, the receipt will be auto emailed to the payer who paid for the enrollment of the student at Codejoy.

* Refund can only be offered to new students, and it must happen before the second week's class. No refund will be given after the second class of the term.

* The refund must be requested in writing and verified by Codejoy office.

* Refund will exclude AUD 30 as registration fee.

* Refunds for card payment will be issued back to the card. For other forms of payment such as cash or cheque, a cheque will be the form of a refund. It could take 7-10 days to be refunded to your card.

4. Course Cancellations

  • All classes require at least 3 students enrolled unless informed otherwise if your class has less than 3 students, we will try to arrange another class for your child but with no guarantee. In this case, if no class can be arranged, we will provide you a FULL refund.

  • For classes canceled due to unexpected public health warnings or severe weather conditions, i.e. swine flu, Codejoy will try to accommodate the majority with makeup classes but with no guarantee.

  • If you want to make any change of course location, course type, or start date after initial enrolment due to your own reasons, a rebooking fee of AUD $20 will be charged.

5. Sibling Discount

  • If you have another child that is currently enrolled in one of Codejoy’s programs, you’re in luck! You’re entitled to 10% off your overall purchase order when you enroll 2 or more kids into Codejoy.

  • Both children must be enrolled in the same term with Codejoy (their age groups can be different!)

  • The children are not eligible for the sibling discount if Your family is already receiving another discount or if one child drops out partway through the program

6. Makeup class arrangement 

        Regular Term Course

  • We will endeavor to provide ‘make-up’ classes for students who provide us with at least 24-hours of notification of absence. Our preferred notification method is to email to hello@codejoy.com.au or our official WeChat account.

  • A maximum of 2 make up classes will be given for students in any school term and are subject to availability.

  • Students may join another class of the same level if the class is not full (of 8 students) and if the two classes have the same curriculum progression.

  • Alternatively, students can take the class in the next term with the same curriculum progression.

  • If no suitable times can be found or there is no availability in classes, then make-up classes will not be provided

  • No refunds given for missed classes

  • Codejoy reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.


Holiday Camp

  • Codejoy does not offer any make-up classes or refunds for missed classes for holiday camps

  • In the event of instructor absence, Codejoy will notify the student of any class rescheduling.

* Codejoy reserves the right to change the price and offer promotions at any time to respond to the market. No refund for any promotion codes missed. Also, Promotion codes cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

* Codejoy holds all rights in refunds, reschedules, and cancellations.

7. Free Trial Class policy

· We encourage students who are uncertain about their interest in a program to book a free “trial class” prior to enrolling, through the following link https://www.codejoy.com.au/book-online

· There is no cost or obligation for attending a Trial Class

· Parents are required to remain on-site during trial classes, we cannot take supervision responsibility for a child who is not enrolled

· Trial Classes generally are not available at schools, only in our Glen Waverley office.

· Only one “Trial Class” per child, per calendar year is allowed

· Please book a free trial class in the email address: hello@codejoy.com.au.