7 Reasons kids should learn to code

1. Problem-solving skills: When kids start coding, they take complex problems and break them down into smaller parts. When students write codes, they might make mistakes and bugs. Fortunately, computer programming is one of the few fields where the programmers can test the solutions immediately and re-write the code. Kids learn that mistakes are part of the learning process and along with time, they start planning, making mistakes, thinking about solutions, and then testing them.

2. Career Preparation: If students possess a hot skill, that many of the students lack, such as the ability to code, they instantly appear more desirable in the eyes of potential employers. According to code.org, 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing, yet only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. That’s a SERIOUS shortage of CS majors. There is a high demand for workers in the tech Industry. Mastering coding at a young age allows students to excel in any area they choose.

3. Creativity: Kids use languages to express themselves. The same is applicable in coding. Coding strengthens kids to create different codes for different ideas. Instead of playing games or using various apps, they try to design their own video games and websites.

4. Communication: Coding teaches logical communication, strengthening both verbal and written skill. Communication is an essential skill throughout school, work, and life. As students will start communicating complex ideas in simple terms, they tend to be more successful in different industries and walks of life.

5. Coding Is Fun: Kids engage in programming along with Scratch which makes it very interactive and kids learn in a very interesting way. While programming is logic-based, it’s also an extremely creative activity.

6. Confidence: Kids gain confidence when they start breaking down problems and come up with solutions. Parents claim that the confidence of their kids have been boosted to higher levels from the day they started solving problems.

7. Academic Skills: Coding helps kids to think out of the box and to apply logic in various scenarios. Logical reasoning and application of math also advance academic skills in a very positive way.

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